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Hi, I’m Paul. Does your digital marketing not produce the results that it could? Or perhaps you want new patients from social media, but don’t know where to start. Or maybe you’re simply not seeing a measurable ROI from your digital marketing efforts in general. Whatever your situation, you’re not alone.

Posting to your Facebook page doesn’t reach people organically like it used to, and that’s simply because the rules of the game have changed. Facebook’s primary source of revenue is digital advertising; today it’s a game of “Pay to Play.” And if you play the game well, Facebook rewards you handsomely for it.

That’s where I come in. Let a specialist take over and eliminate the guesswork of how to get real results – and real returns – from social media and digital marketing. Find new patients in your local area who are ready for treatment today, and do so in a way that’s both measurable and profitable.

Paul Russell Founder Connective Studios

Break Through and Connect™

I’m an idea person – a musician, voiceover artist, and photographer. And my passion is thinking of ad ideas and strategies that break through the noise and connect with prospective patients online.

Through an ongoing process of researching your target market, designing a variety of ads, testing responsiveness, and measuring results, your message can align with what your audience is currently thinking, experiencing, or desiring.

With this approach, your ad becomes an opportunity for your potential patients to do what they already want or need to do. If your marketing can do that, you’ll feel good about the results.








Working with Paul to find new patients on social media has been a great decision for us. He does the heavy lifting to keep the leads coming in, and the results we’ve seen are worth the investment many times over.”   

– Dr. Mark B. LaHaye, LaHaye Orthodontics

Paul was fantastic to work with. He put out an entertaining Facebook video that really cut through the clutter on social media. A client even commented publicly and recommended my business! Results beyond my expectations to say the least.    

– Andy M.

Using Facebook’s robust ad platform, Paul was able to get thousands of views on my video ad – for pennies on the dollar. Not only that, but these were people we could tag and then follow up on with additional ads. That’s stuff you just can’t do with mailers!     

– Ken W.

Free Strategy Call

Schedule a free Digital Marketing Strategy Call, no strings attached. I’d like to hear more about your practice and your objectives, and I’ll walk you through my strategy to find new patients online. Just pick a time, complete the form, and we’ll make it happen!

Are your social media efforts not resulting in new patients?

Insert Social Media + Automated Follow-up


It’s true. Facebook and Instagram Ads can help you find new patients for your practice. But they can also be stressful and time-consuming. 

And if you’ve devoted any time to lead generation, you know that getting the lead is only half the battle. Actually turning a lead into a new patient requires specialized follow-up.

Why not let an expert take over to cut out the guesswork and maximize your results? Let me create the copy, graphics, audiences, and follow-up strategies that convert.

Ready to hand over the headaches, and reap the rewards? Click below to schedule your free 15-minute strategy call today.  

Month-to-Month Digital Marketing System

  • 30-minute Strategy Call 
  • Create Facebook and/or Instagram ad campaigns, ad sets, and ads 
  • Create and implement automated follow-up system
  • Review landing pages 
  • A/B Test images, copy, and target audiences
  • On-boarding packet with in-depth targeting questionnaire 
  • Tracking pixel codes provided with implementation assistance 
  • Manage and optimize monthly 
  • Monthly results and ROI report


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